The Drop Table


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By purchasing a rented table at The Drop, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions;

– You must be present at the event at least one hour prior the event start to set up your table. Any vendors who come after the event door open will forfeit their table.
– You are responsible for all items that you are carrying with you or vending. Each table comes with two tickets and that second ticket is for anyone who will help you watch your table.
– You are responsible for any table damages if they should occur. As these are rented tables from Bonsor Recreational LTD., any damages incurred will be charged to you.
– The Drop is not responsible for any lost items prior, during and post event. Though there will be general security patrolling the area, they are not hired specifically to watch over tables and transactions. Please vend at your discretion.
– Vendors are able to come into the event at set up open time at approximately 10AM at Bonsor Recreational Complex (Banquet Hall) with the second ticket holder.